A fast real-world game of speed, stealth and strategy, played on the streets.


Run, sneak, scheme and succeed: an action-packed street game by Fire Hazard.

An exciting and intense hour in the city.

Run for checkpoints, replan on the fly as the map changes, and duck for cover as our patrolling guards close in. Or take it more strategically, rack your brains to solve our cryptic clues, and keep your eyes open for bonus points.

However you play, you can watch the live scoreboard for updates and battle it out with nearby teams. With a huge range of strategies, approaches, and levels, you can take this as casually or competitively as you want.

Get notified of new Fire Hazard events

Some events sell out quite fast. The best way to get an early heads-up is via the mailing list. There's also a facebook group and a twitter stream.

Bonus questions:


A charity game to benefit Mind, in memory of Kate Harding (more info)
100% of ticket sales to benefit Street Child
Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham EARLYBIRD

You can change who's playing, or add more people to your team later.

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Who are you guys?

We're Fire Hazard, one of the UK's leading street games outfits, and we've been running, screaming, evading and escaping since 2008. We're the team behind the original burglary experience Heist, and have appeared in the Guardian (a couple of times), Time Out, and stacks of other places.

How does this work?

You've got 60 minutes to reach as many checkpoints as you can and text in the codes. New checkpoints open during the game, and some are cryptic. More importantly, all the checkpoints are guarded. So it's about running, sneaking, cracking clues, plotting routes on the map, spotting what other teams are up to, and working with your team - with a tight deadline.

Can we play in a team?

Everyone plays in a team of three or four - if you're a smaller group, we'll form you into teams. We start in a pub and we finish in a pub, so there's time for introductions.

How much running is there?

As much as you want; we've deliberately designed this so that stealth, cunning, good teamwork and solid map-reading are important as well as raw speed. We have a wide range of players, so you'll have a team or two to compete with no matter how seriously - or not - you're taking it. You'll want to be comfortable with at least walking fast for an hour, though!

I've played before..

Great! We see quite a lot of repeat players, so we change the locations and clues fairly frequently, as well as adding some new surprises. Check the location next to the date when you're buying tickets; if you've played recently, chances are it was at Tower Hill, so pick a different location for your next adventure.

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